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Sea Scouts is a co-ed high adventure youth program intended to provide excitement, adventure, leadership, nautical skills, and character building in a social environment where the participants can meet new friends and socialize with other groups.  We attempt to expose youth to as many aspects of adulthood as possible, give them the opportunities to try new things, overcome previous fears, and practice being adults in their own peer group.

Why We Teach Sailing

Sailing, more than any other sport, teaches skills that are useful throughout one’s entire life.   We are not interested in making yachtsmen or yachtswomen out of our sailors. Rather, we are interested in giving them the experience and self-confidence that comes from simultaneously integrating a number of variables, including wind direction, water hazards, nearby boats, tides, currents, sail trim, rudder trim, boat balance, and weather, in order to reach their destination.

Proficient sailing requires the participant to reach beyond previous limits, make decisions quickly, and couple them with proper execution of complex actions. As sailors move from a one-person dinghy to a two-person boat, and on up to a keelboat with a crew of several, they are also required to learn teamwork, command protocol, mechanical systems such as engines, winches, and cunninghams, plus crew overboard recovery, block and tackle systems, radio procedures, and a host of other related skills.

Once they start sailing on the sound, and if they go out into the ocean, they experience high adventure, acquiring a sense of humility and respect for the forces of nature by enduring the uncertainty, the power, the hazards, and the grace she offers. 

As the sailors' proficiency increases, it becomes clear that they have learned, experienced, and accomplished much more than their peers who remain ashore.


About the Sea Scout Program:


Sea Scouts is a co-ed division of the Boy Scouts of America, and shares the same principles and goals.  The mission is to prepare male and female youth ages 14 - 20 to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and the Sea Promise.  As part of the nation's foremost youth program, Sea Scouts experience character development and acquire life skills and leadership skills through a program of responsible fun and adventure.  The program includes on-water sailing, cruises, boat maintenance and repair, water survival skills, navigation, small boat handling, water safety, nautical customs, and many other nautical skills.  (see slide show below)



As a Sea Scout I promise to do my best

To guard against water accidents;

To know the location and proper use of the lifesaving devised on every boat I board;

To be prepared to render aid to those in need;

To seek to preserve the motto of the sea:  women and children first



Our first priority is to be safe while having fun!  We play games, cruise through the San Juan Islands, socialize with other Ships, race in a big-boat fleet, participate in high school dinghy sailing regattas, and meet new friends. 


Sea Scouts learn many useful skills along the way.  Among the most useful is the self confidence that arises from the ability to prepare, navigate, sail, and maintain a sailboat.  Unlike many team sports, nautical skills acquired are useful in life elsewhere.



Sea Scout Ship #226  "Constellation" meets every Tuesday evening at the time noted on our web page titled Schedule of Events.  Meetings are in the Milltown Sailing Association clubhouse in the Everett North Marina area near B dock.  The address is 410 14th Street.  14th Street runs right along the north waterfront of the main marina.  When we sail, we meet at the boats, which are docked between the Everett Yacht Club building and the visitors dock immediately west of it.


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